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Hashipur is a popular comedy content of Bangla funny video and also Bangla comedy natok. The concepts will provide regular Bangla serial funny videos. So watch and enjoy.

  • The topic of Dissection:
    1. Starting of Bangla Comedy Natok
    2. Introducing Hashipur
    3. Vision of Hashipur
    4. Basic storyline of Hashipur
    5. Social awareness factor of this show
    6. Public Association with Hashipur
    7. Popular artist of Bangla funny video

Starting of Bangla Comedy Natok

Bangla comedy natok or comedy fiction is the popular entertainment element for Bengali people. Bangla comedy natok have been proven the most promising television program so far today. They are pulling more tv commercial as per other program. There was a time when comedy was used as a secondary elements of our television fiction. But time has changed. Now beside government channels we have almost 18 Mixed Entertainment channels, 8 News channels, 1 of each for Music, Kids, movies and sports category channel and more channels are on the way to their transmission and permission.

This is a vital indication of our nature on television audiences. People of our country are more busy now. They are have to work hard to sustain in life. People don’t have a lot of time to west for long time entertainment. We are gradually moving forwarding towards bangla funny video or bangla serial funny video and popular video social media platform youtube is playing a vital role here. A lot of professionals are now making bangla funny video content and bangla serial funny video. A lot of Bangla comedy natok is now made for just only youtube purpose.

Introducing Hashipur

Hashipur Logo

Hashipur is a popular youtube channel for bangla funny video and small bangla comedy natok. The original concept is draft and written by Ashiquer Rahaman. The concept is copyrighted from the Copy right authority of Bangladesh. Its deliver bangla serial funny video regularly to its official youtube channel. Popular comedy story bangla are uploaded regularly. Hope viewer will find its interest on this concept.

The vision of Hashipur: The main vision is to highlighting the inconsistencies of our society and our life in a comic sense and to reduce this in a social manner and mutual understanding.

The storyline of Hashipur: Hashipur is an imaginary country. All the character creatures in this country are fictional. This country was created only to create a field of pure humor. The story of Hashipur is based on observation and events from our day to day life and the people here are not accustomed to living a rational life. It does not exist in the world map. Matching any event with the life of a living or dead person is nothing but a coincidence.

Social awareness factor of this show: We designed Hashipur as a social awareness symbol. Because we strongly believe that through various cultural faunal we can educate and aware our society and its people.

Public Association with Hashipur: Viewers can associate with Hashipur. In several videos, we did ask them to associate with the Hashipur team. Please carefully watch these videos for this information.

Starting Episodes of Hashipur
Popular artist of bangla funny video:

Comedy acting is considered the most strongest and difficult genre in acting. Few can touch the milestone of popularity. Some of the popular comedian from Bangladesh and Kolkata are renowned worldwide for their ultimate talent. Most of the bangla comedy natok and bangla funny video are depending on their talent. Before jump in to our main topic I would like to present some of them. Most of bangla funny video did viral for him in youtube.

01. Mosharraf Karim
02. Mir Afser Ali
03. ATM Samsuzzaman
04. Kharaj Mukherjee
05. Tele Samad
06. Dilder
07. Biswanath Basu
08. Kanchan Mullick
09. Rudranil Ghosh