Theater Activists-
Actor, organizer and director

Ashiquer Rahaman is an renown theater artist, organizer and director. Active activists of theater and program organizer.

Theater Activists- Actor, organizer and director

Theater Activists around the world are working for a much more bigger issue. Our liberation history of Bangladesh says that theater activists played a vital role to encourage people mentally for the war. I did start up my theater journey in 2004 at Kothak Nattosamproday which is a prominent theater group in Theater Institute Chittagong (TIC). Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’s drama “Muchiram Gur” is my first play on stage. I learnt there about elements of theater production. Like Performers, Audience, Director, Theater Space, Design Aspects (scenery, costume, lighting, and sound) and Text.

But I was searching acting groups near me. In the year 2006 I move to “Shomikoron Theatre” at Jilla Shilpokola Academy, Chittagong which is a member of the group theater forum Chittagong. Alok Mahamud was Chief of that group. He was the man who helped and guides to find my magical touch of theatrical performance. Over the year a work under a lot of other directors. I was also associated for some times with “Prangone Mor” and “Nagorik Nattyangon Institute of Drama”. But most of my theatre production was associated with “Shomikoron Theater”.

Stage Play- MOINA
Scripts & Direction- Alok Mahamud
Production- Shomikoron Theatre
Photo Artist- Ashiq /Shimu/Fahim

Stage Play- MOINA

Scripts & Direction- Alok Mahamud

Production- Shomikoron Theatre

Photo Artist- Ashiq /Baki Nobel

Over this century evolution of theatre is changing rapidly in our country. Our theatre structure is more developed now. Artist can do more experiment with Elements of theatre now. I can clearly remember there was a time when I was too excited to enjoy a theatrical performance near me in Chittagong. But then the show was so less. But now with the evolution of theatre in our country I saw a lot of acting groups near me.

After my first play “Muchiram Gur” I did perform in “Somporker Aborte”, “Moina”, “Ai Ki Shadinota”, “Tin Hozurer Golpo”, “Hazoborolo”, “Shadinota Akti Mailfolok” in theatre. Beside this “Trank Rohossho”, “Anoshon”, “Khyatir Birombona”, “Chondo Poton” are some the street play performed by me. 

Elements of theatre

written by: Rabindranath Tagore

I did my theatre directorial debut with the street play “Khyatir Birombona” written by “Rabindranath Tagore”. “Chondo Poton” and “Shadinota Akti Mailfolok” aere two of the other play directed by me in Bindu Bikash Theatre. Its been a wonderful experience to work with Bindus Team members.  

It is the Elements of theatre which helps me later to start my first comedy show in Bangladesh Television, Chittagong Center. Standup Comedy serial “Hashir Fowara” and “Hashir Jower Vata” are two of my creation produced by BTV, Chittagong center. Beside that I did directed my first drama fiction “Balir Ghor”.

It was a pleasure to have the chance working with Mr. Debangsho of NATOA a prominent mime group of Bangladesh. I did learn some mime tips and tricks from him beside that I also associated with NATOA for some commercial corporate show. Later on this experience helps me to prepare the corporate show “DRISHIOKABBO” for Junior Chamber International, Chittagong Cosmopolitan. In the year 2016 they launched Young Entrepreneurs Trade Fair (YETF) for the first time here in Chittagong. On this occasion I get the privilege to work for Event firm Soha Ad Communication Ltd with Mr. SM Zulficur Ali as Asst Officer, Head of operations. Jashim Ahmed, he was then president of JCI, Chittagong Cosmopolitan.

After the success of that event I got promoted to Manager- Head of operations at SOHA and get the chance to lead the live concert of SOHA life Style Concert, Rangpur 2017. Following that year I did start my plan for my e-commerce startup ROSHOI.

I strongly believe that Theater Activists can Empowering society through this performing art also theater can improve your business skill in many ways. As like theater business is also an art. A creative mind can develop or change the path a business aspects. Our life is the best university for us and theatre is that way to saw that life closely. That’s way I like to stay closer with my theater practice so that I could get that essence.

Sopner Bangladesh

Play- Sopner Bangladesh
Production- Bindu Bikash Theatre
Director- Ashiquer Rahaman